Prime Session 

Agile culture up close & personal for a day.

For those questioning the status quo

It is not easy to change the status quo. If you want to ensure more innovation and more speed in your organization, you must first of all convince your own colleagues: That it pays to fundamentally change your own company. That new team structures, different ways of working together, shorter decision paths and more delegation can lead to unbelievable results.

Very few managers feel comfortable with the fact that the majority of all decisions are soon to be made without them. Many therefore perceive agility as a threat, as a high risk game. Those who do not manage to take away these fears can only pay lip service and ultimately achieve failed change initiatives.


A prime session at sipgate opens your eyes to the enormous opportunities for more agility in your company. It is a unique opportunity to observe agile working methods „out in the wild“ and feel the enormous productivity that comes with it. An experience that goes straight to the heart.


You can hear the principles, organisational structures and approaches of one of the most successful agile companies in the world. And all this directly from a member of the organisational development team.


You will see cross-functional and high-performance teams who put their heart and soul into working on innovative products – without any titles or hierarchies. See how technical excellence is used to deliver economically successful services loved by their customers. The sipgate office is a unique, well thought-out location that demonstrates the enormous trust in the highly talented employees.

Your exclusive session

A Prime Session is an event at sipgate, exclusively for your company. The number of participants is typically between six and 30 people. The unique combination of offsite, tour and workshop aims to give you concrete impulses for your own change and innovation projects in your organisation.

The Schedule:

09:00 Meeting & breakfast in our restaurant
10:00 a.m. Introduction Agile Organizational Development
10:30 am Agile Org Tour through the company with 24 stations
12:00 p.m. Lunch at the sipgate Restaurant Open&Closed with discussion (until approx. 13:30)

From 1:30 p.m. an exclusive conference room will be available to collect own results or e.g. to connect an own workshop.

Please note that our Prime Sessions are aimed at the management/executive management level and focus on a decentralized, mission-based Agile corporate organization. Contents and focal points are agreed in advance in consultation with the respective company and the participating roles/persons. Your Prime Session can be held in English or German and is accompanied by a member of the Organizational Development team. There will be no consultants present.

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